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Lea is her own person. She deserves happiness and love. We may not all agree with her choices but it’s her life and that’s pretty much as simple as it gets. Just because Cory died, that doesn’t mean that she gets to stop living hers. She’s young, she’s entitled to have fun, to fall in love and to experience everything amazing that life has to offer. So can we all please just take some time to remember that she’s a human also.


This is more an apology than a Confession I guess. I always complained that Rachel and Blaine get things handed, too much and too soon. Everyone complained about it so I joined the choir. Well, I love Mercedes and want her to be successful and powerful and rich and whatever she wants! She’s happy, I’m happy. But I gave it some thought and being 20 and getting your second record deal incl. a tour plus getting your friends incl. in your tour-program and moving to NY just because you feel like it is ridiculously unrealistic and even more over the top than anything that Rachel and especially Blaine ever got handed. But it doesn’t bother me, because Mercedes is my fave. So why would other fans feel different? So, I apologize for my rant. No complaints from my side anymore.

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