Beautiful and simple. Goosebumps all over!!!!

I know this was kind of a bittersweet scene but I still want Stelena to be endgame (even though I’m kind of sick of Elena and the love triangle for now). And not because of a stupid prophecy, but because it is TRUE LOVE. I love Stefan but I disagree with him that friends can’t be lovers and vice-versa. I love Stelena because, in spite of all the shit they’ve been through, they can actually be honest with each other. We have never seen Delena like this, just sitting down and talking like normal people. They always end up fighting and then they have sex. It’s the same story over and over again and I am over it.
I still think he and Nina belong together <3

That was so awkward but brought back so many memories! I remember trying to learn it when I was younger and I would watch the movie all the time lol I still love it :)

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Honestly what is so wrong with Lea’s video shoot for On My Way? She looks like she’s having a blast and I’m so happy for her. Why are so many people taking issue with it? Yesterday with the “love interest” and today with the “nip-slip”…grow up!

She’s doing a job and she’s having fun while doing…

I: which one of your peers empowers you the most?
Lea: Jennifer Lawrence, who is outspoken, beautiful, and comfortable with herself. I love her. 

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So over the last while I’ve seen a lot of people (many who don’t even really know who she is) give Lea a lot of flack and I’m tired of it. So I came up with some reasons why I think Lea is a great rolemodel for young women. Feel free to add to this list and prove the haters wrong.

Reasons Why Lea…

11. She stands up for what she believes in. She is an activist and supports gay rights and animal rights among other things.

12. She teaches girls that they don’t have to take their clothes off to be sexy. She also has not had her nose fixed in spite of people constantly telling her to. She doesn’t care what other people think about her. (similar to #6)

13. The way she has handled herself this past year has been beyond graceful and admirable. Instead of hiding away in a corner somewhere she stepped up and got back to work. She went back on set where she and Cory used to be together, along with all of their friends. She finished her album. She finished her book. It must have been so hard but she didn’t give up. She won’t go into too much details but she talks about Cory, their life together and how she’s felt since his passing, for the fans as much as for herself. And she’s using her experience as a way to educate people on how serious addiction is, to prevent someone from going down the same path as Cory did.